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Many employers do not understand how few people can be treated as contractors under Massachusetts employment law, therefore many employees are improperly classified as independent contractors rather than W-2 employees. This can have significant consequences for both the employer and the employee.
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For a business owner, employees are likely the single largest financial investment of the company and the single most important drivers of success or failure. 

For  employees who rely on salary or wages to support their families, and on the experience to build their careers, the relationship is equally, if not more, important.  

In short, you need each other- businesses and employees- and in many cases the relationship is positive and beneficial to both parties.  But things sometimes do go wrong, and it is so important to understand Massachusetts employment law when they do.  We know what that looks like from both perspectives: our employment lawyers have helped both businesses and employees navigate issues under the Massachusetts Wage Act, the state and federal anti-discrimination laws, non-compete agreements, and the Massachusetts Independent Contractor law.

We hope that the links below are helpful- if you need more information, or if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in an employment dispute, you can call us at 781-784-2322, visit our contact us page, or use our chat button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen to let us know what you need help with.  Our staff would be happy to set up a free initial consultation.

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Rules of the Road Massachusetts Employment Laws
Massachusetts employment law about timely payment of wages is strictly enforced, and businesses can face significant exposure for even unintentional mistakes in the payment of wages, commissions, and overtime. Learn More »​​

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Is your non-compete agreement enforceable in Massachusetts? The answer, in most cases, is a resounding "maybe," and depends heavily on your particular facts and circumstances. 
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Both Massachusetts and federal law protect employees in certain protected classes from employment discrimination. This protection includes a prohibition on retaliating ​against an employee for making a complaint of discrimination or harassment.
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